Speakeasy Guest List Nights

blagclub Kensington is pleased to announce that we will soon start offering exclusive guest list nights on selected dates each month. Whilst a lot of our bookings are private events where a host will hire out the whole venue, we do receive a lot of requests from smaller groups wanting to be added to our guest list – so hey presto – bada bing bada boom – now we will be doing just that.

The nights will be themed as Prohibition Speakeasy with a clubland twist. Expect to hear some smokey live trumpet playing along with our in-house DJ. You will see some old black and white movies in the background mixed in with some modern visual stimuli, and of course you can be uncaringly caught drinking some moonshine from a jar when working your way through our  illegal liquor menu.

To get in you are going to need to be down on the low down so we are going to need your name and we have limited space. Once on the list you will be accorded prioritised and free entry until 10pm – but arrive any later and you may be left on the outside – and then need to contribute £10 to our City Hall fund, to get back to the inside. The Tammany Hall officials don`t come cheap don`t you know!

We can keep going until 2am, down in there, buried in our basement, far from the prying eyes of the puritans, then sneak back out under cover of the moon, dissapearing into the fog filled night, getting away with it – again and again.


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